Can I Easily Fix My Chair on My Own?


Having a favorite chair to sit down and relax in is not a rare trait, as the biggest majority of us have some chair in our life that we favor above all other places to sit. Unfortunately, the more we use a piece of furniture, the more it is subjected to inevitable wear and tear, and might eventually need to be repaired.

Whether you’re dealing with an old armchair that’s starting to feel unbalanced or another issue with your chair altogether, common problems can usually be easily repaired on your own.

Fixing Loose Armchair Legs

A loose armchair leg may be a sign that the screw inside of the leg is wearing down. If this is the case, you will want to find a refitting kit online or at a hardware store to handle the fix on your own.

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You will want to remove the leg, completely unscrew the fastener from your chair, and use your refitting kit to restore it. The kit will come with everything you need to refit the chair leg on your own, as well as proper adhesive and instructions on how to handle the fix.

 If you followed the instructions in your kit to a T, you should be good to go! Reassemble your chair ad give the adhesive time to dry. After at least 24 hours of drying, you should be able to test your chair out by sitting in it and seeing if the problem is resolved.

Still having problems, or just don’t have the time to undertake these fixes on your own? Not a problem! You can simply get in touch with handyman services columbus oh professionals to take care of your chair repair for you. Whether you handle the fix on your own or need a hand, you’ll have your favorite chair fixed up and ready to be sat in again in no time.