By extraction, it’s quite clear that a tooth is completely removed from the dental socket. Usually, extractions are performed after dental x ray north lauderdale experts take pictures and your dentist examines them. Then, after an oral exam confirms the need, anesthesia with an injection is done on the area before the operation. This is to prevent the person from feeling any pain. Usually, a gauge is placed on the area of removal to promote loss of blood and also to prevent clotting.

Quick Tips On The Aftercare Of Tooth Extraction

Aftercare depends on a few factors, such as – if the tooth was hard to remove, the stitches on the gum, and the major factor of a blood clot. However, the below tips have been listed keeping in mind the most common experiences to help you heal faster.

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·    Avoid drinking after tooth extraction. Now and then you may feel like rinsing your mouth, gargling, or even brushing. These actions may increase the chances of a blood clot and also affect the healing time.

·    Avoid spitting. Spitting increases pressure in the mouth. This may lead to dislodgement of a blood clot.

·    Smoking may create a similar pressure inside the mouth as using a straw. Refrain from smoking as the pressure inside may lead to increased blood clots.

·    Cold compresses must be applied during the first two days every 30 to 40 minutes.

·    Medications recommended by the dentist are a must. Even if the medications are of higher power than you are usually consuming, do not become a doctor yourself when you already have a prescription from a professional.

The Bottom Line

Tooth decay is painful. Do not delay in taking help from a dentist. Aftercare for extraction of wisdom tooth, extraction of a tooth in children, or the case of multiple teeth differs. Extraction completely removes a problematic tooth and usually, the medicines prescribed by the dentist do not let patients feel pain.