Services Offered By Janitorial Services

The process of cleaning is one that each person does differently.  In many cases we will take some time out of our day to clean up our general area before we go home as well as throughout the day.  However, many people that work in offices or have a lot to do can’t really put the time into cleaning their spaces.  For these people, janitorial services st. paul might be an option to get these tasks completed.  The main question is, what services do janitors offer?


The first thing that most will do is empty the trash cans.  Janitors will walk in with a large kart where they can collect all of the trash in one go.  They will also be able to use this cart to carry supplies with them to complete the rest of their work.

Sweep and mop

janitorial services st. paul

Depending on the services that you request, Janitors may also do some sweeping and mopping.  These services are sometimes an upgrade option with most companies and depending on the type of flooring you have or the type of work that is done in the rooms may determine if they are offered or not.

Surface wipe down

Another option is a surface wipe down. These include counters, tables and desks.  For most offices each employee will be responsible for cleaning up their own work area, however, there will be a time where weekly deep cleanings may be offered as well.

Rotating Schedules

Another option you will want to consider are rotating schedules.  What this means is that you will get standard cleanings throughout the week and then at the end of the week you will get a full service clean.  In general, a full service cleaning will occur on Friday’s.  This is good for most but rotating their schedule for special events and other important meetings may be needed.  This is why having a rotating schedule may be a good option.